Not! a Rebel Song Minus Zero

  Dear John Francis, Hey friend, did you see I changed the sidebar so that instead of seeing a “song of the day,” you see “Faux Jean interviews fellow Duluthian Robert Zimmerman?” It’s basically a silly sound collage that I did as an assignment for my audio class at Madtown Tech. I also changed the video in the sidebar to a silly piece I did … Continue reading Not! a Rebel Song Minus Zero

Undecided (In a World With Love)

March 2, 2018 • • Dear John Francis, About ten years ago, a nice man named Jason contacted me on this thing called MySpace and asked if I didn’t have any new songs I’d like to record, since he had a couple really nice microphones and guitars and several Terabytes of hard drive space and a sort of chalet slash studio overlooking the open prairie … Continue reading Undecided (In a World With Love)

The Mediocre Gatsby banned in Duluth

* * Dear John Francis, Needless to say, I was scandalized when, in your zeal to talk about the issue burning in Duluth, you failed to realize that I was talking business when I posited that I had already composed and chosen my song for this, the first contribution to the Duluth Experiment, and perhaps did not even register that I was talking about something … Continue reading The Mediocre Gatsby banned in Duluth