An epistolary bromance novel with music—divined by the Times.

On songwriting, and writing, and just reflecting

Matty and John go back, way back. In spite of decades of travels down different personal and geographic paths, a few things hold them together: writing, songwriting, and a history of shared experiences.

Through duluthexperiment.com, John and Matty discuss their songwriting process and its relationship to their sketchy recollections of the past and complicated observations of the present.

Matty is a seasoned musician and performer, having performed in bands such as The Spring Collection, Steel Shank, and Whippoorwill. He also performed under the stage name of Faux Jean on the Minneapolis scene and still turns his head when you call him by that name in Madison, Wis.

John writes songs. He has a lot of different interests and pursuits, but songwriting and writing satisfy his need for creativity more than anything. He still lives in Minnesota.

Matty and John both have Bandcamp accounts, where you can listen to their music and even make purchases. It’s kind of like flipping a bill to a busker, except the busker’s probably on his way to picking up a kid from soccer, and you’re not standing in the cold and late for a dinner reservation.

Matty:  fauxjean.bandcamp.com

John:  john-klun.bandcamp.com

Watch our blog for new songs, along with the unhinged memories and thoughts that accompany them.